Drunk Driving Accidents


Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk drivers wreak havoc on California roads, causing many injuries and deaths. If you or loved one suffered the devastating consequences of a drunk driving accident, you need to pursue personal injury damages. At Sachs Law, APC, we are here to help. We are taking strides to modernize the legal industry. Everything at our office is electronic and private. Let us show you how our cutting-edge practices can give you an advantage in your case.
What Kind Of Damages Can You Pursue In A Drunk Driving Accident Case?

Drunk driving is defined by the state of California as operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or above. Drivers who exceed the BAC limit can be arrested and charged with drunk driving. They may also face additional charges if their behavior resulted in another’s injury or death. Criminal penalties for drunk driving may include jail time, fines and fees, probation, or community service.

While the state pursues these criminal charges, you have the right to pursue damages from the intoxicated driver. This is a separate case, handled in a separate courtroom with a separate lawyer. One of our experienced California or Nevada drunk driving accident attorneys can assist you in this area.