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If you are suffering through the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about finances. Also, you should not be forced into confrontational phone calls with the insurance companies. While you focus on recovering, our team can handle your insurance claims and lawsuits.

The attorneys at Sachs Law, APC work on a contingency fee basis, which means we won’t get paid until you win. We also make it a goal to be available for our clients from beginning to end. With our help, you may be able to win compensation for your lost paychecks during recovery, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and motorcycle damage.

To prove negligence, we need to show that:
It is easier to prove that a driver is liable if there is proof that the driver was:

Motorcyclists are exposed on all sides, which heightens their risk of a serious injury out on the road. Many drivers do not check for motorcyclists before changing lanes, making a quick turn, or braking in traffic. California has state negligence laws in place to protect motorcyclists.

The city may be responsible for a crash that was caused by hazardous road conditions. In these cases, we must prove that the city was aware or should have been aware of the dangers and failed to maintain the road.

A motorcycle manufacturer may be liable if the accident was caused by a design or manufacturing defect. Pet owners can be held responsible if their animal ran into the roadway and triggered an accident. Pedestrians can also contribute to motorcycle collisions by failing to obey crossing signals or by running into a busy street.