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Large trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road, causing thousands of deaths in California each year. After the crash, truck accident victims often find themselves financially crippled. The costs of repairing or replacing their vehicle, the hospital bills, the future treatment, and the loss of income during recovery can obliterate a bank account.

Many trucks are owned by large corporations, which means that they are backed by large insurance companies. These companies may try to coerce injured victims into settling for a minimum payout. A skilled attorney at Sachs Law, APC can help you fight for the damages you deserve.

Some additional reasons for truck accidents are:

Fatigued truck drivers have been known to fall asleep at the wheel and cause tragic accidents. Some drivers will even operate their craft while under the influence of strong stimulating medications, alcohol, or drugs, which make them more reckless and dangerous to other drivers.

Heavy trucks can fall onto smaller cars, trapping passengers inside the vehicle. This leads to a higher likelihood of serious injury and may delay medical teams from providing much-needed treatment. Wounded persons in a crushed car are more likely to die of blood loss. Burns, traumatic brain injuries, broken limbs, internal injuries, head wounds, and spinal fractures are also common in truck accident cases.

Our truck accident attorneys work hard to pursue the compensation you deserve. We know that you don’t want to risk more money on hiring an attorney, which is why we have a no recovery, no fee policy. You don’t need to pay us a dime until you have received your settlement or verdict. All of our paperwork can be completed electronically and privately. We are proud to say we have a record of success and an established reputation throughout California and Nevada.